Serena, dressed in a white short sleeved blouse and a well-fitting pair of dark khaki women's slacks that reach down to her bare feet, appears to be much more relaxed than in her previous transmission. She sits comfortably in her leather recliner.

Winding down from leaving the FDU has... well, it's been a process, as well as a relief. Though I'm done with formal schooling, I've continued my studies. Unfortunately I didn't have time until recently to keep in touch with some of my former teachers. I traveled back to Bourynes for a few days, to visit Muenel Attyn for the first time in months.

A genuine smile lights up Serena's face.

She was always one of my favorite instructors. Muenel and I share a passion for learning, and her knowledge is so well-rounded that our discussions are never just about ships and modules. When I met with her over the past week, she helped me to reconstruct more of the history of violence between our people and the Caldari. While she is a proud Gallentean citizen like myself, she is able to acknowledge that there is no one true and unbiased account of all the events that have transpired between the races.

I shared with her my interest in flying the Vexor cruiser as a means of keeping peace, and in turn she was able to refer me to a variety of drone control textbooks and to put me in touch with a few experts in drone operation. Now that I'm able to focus again on my studies in my free time, I feel like a world that had been closed to me has opened up again. For this, I am thankful.

Serena shifts and shows a hint of concern in her expression.

On an unrelated but discomforting note, I received word today that the influential Amarrian Curatores Veritatis Alliance disbanded, possibly by means of sabotage or usurpation of power. Even with no direct interest in the CVA, this was troubling news to me, as it goes to show just how much instability exists when power ends up in the wrong hands. I suppose time will tell whether they manage to reform and salvage their alliance...

Log terminated.

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