Rendez-vous à Villore

Serena, in full flight uniform, appears to be excited. She speaks with a rushed tone.

So I don't have much time before I'm set to undock on another mission for the Federal Defence Union, but I attended a very interesting privately hosted party in Villore last night. I heard about it from that cute Matari man I met in Arnon... we spent some more time hanging out last night, and I learned that he flies in the Minmatar militia under the alias "The Silent Method." He specializes in stealth ships for reconnaissance, a form of piloting in which I haven't been trained -- but it sounded intriguing nonetheless!

I was my usual wallflower self, though fortunately he managed to introduce me to a few people, including a Caldari woman named Mala Foxglove. Unlike the usual, she didn't seem to toe the Caldari line -- that is, she didn't approach me with disgust but instead with a proposition. She asked me a bit about my relations with CONCORD, and then she suggested that we could both make some extra ISK and have some fun eliminating or arresting those who CONCORD considers to be criminals.

Serena stops for a moment to think.

Honestly, it's the first time since joining the FDU that I thought of "piloting" and "fun" possibly being closer together than "piloting" and "work." And she just had this general vitality to her that felt so contagious when we were talking! ...I think I might take her up on her offer. It can't hurt, and it'll get me away from studying ship skills and self-teaching for a few hours.

My ship's prepared to undock now -- actually, I'm already a few minutes late. As I've said, duty calls!

Serena stands and switches off the recorder.


Out of Character:

Before I unduly steal her idea, I'd like to thank Mala Foxglove's player for giving me the idea of differentiating between private and public (both in the in-character sense) blog entries. Henceforth, any entries labeled Public will be excerpts from publicly available sources (CONCORD bulletins, news reports, et cetera) that in some way involve or interest Serena. Thank you Mala!

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