Serena sits on her bed, slouched ever so slightly as she leans back against the headboard. Her jet black hair reaches halfway down her back, resting against a short sleeve, olive-colored blouse. She is also wearing a long, loose-fitting black skirt that ends only a few inches above her bare ankles and feet. Though the recorder is positioned at an angle several feet away from her bed, the slight bags under her eyes are still noticeable.

I couldn't have picked a better day to have off-duty. The Sisters of Eve hosted a large social gathering in Arnon last night, and only by the time it ended had I realized just how late it was. It was fun! -- of course, fun for me is the relaxing atmosphere and friendly faces, not so much the wild drinking and dancing. The freedom from my usual piloting attire was nice as well. It's only been a handful of times that I've had the chance to wear the beautiful, long black dress that I bought nearly a year ago.

Of course, I wasn't the only one relieved to be there. Everyone was so social! I swear I've forgotten half the names I learned last night. It was even more unusual for me in particular... I've always been a bit of a wallflower, but with how outgoing everyone was, I still managed to meet a lot of new faces. There was a really cute Matari militia pilot there, and I was shocked when he came up and started up a conversation with me...

A smile comes to her face as she stares off, lost in thought. She glances at the recorder and looks away again, blushing. Her gaze shifts to her clock.

Anyhow... there's still time left in the day to spend relaxing. A girl could certainly get used to this -- though the Defence Union has made sure there's no danger of that. Early tomorrow morning, duty calls again!

Serena smiles bemusedly to herself before switching off the log recorder.

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